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Lucky Ancient Coins Prosperity Protection Feng Shui Mascot Crafts
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Feng shui is an ancient chinese practice of arranging items in a room so that they are in balance and harmony with their environment.
Feng shui mascot is the basis of the principle of fengshui, by using auspicious items in home, work,
production to demand mascot form healthiness and ward off evil spirits, etc.
Chinese ancient COINS, as one of the most representative feng shui mascot.
as a whole, symbolizes the harmony of heaven & earth.
they are the symbolic of good fortune .Carry the coins can increase their luck.
Can be placed in the office, living room, front desk and other places.
Suitable for sending clients or colleagues leadership as a gift.
1. This item features 10 different ancient coins of good fortune. The round shape symbolizes the dome of heaven while the square
center represents the four points of the Earth.These 10 coins strung together in this order not only offer protection,
but they also represent wealth, health and success.
2. Tied to resemble a lotus flower, The ten coins are joined with the auspicious red lucky knot of never ending good fortune,
also known as the mystic knot. This is to symbolize a never ending source of income, love, health, and success.
This piece denotes continued good fortune for many generations and good luck coming from all 10 directions
Features & details:
Material: Brass
Color: As show as the picture
Size: Diameter 6.5cm
Whole: 28cm
Style:Antique Imitation
Regional Feature: China
Product Type:Coin
Net weight:0.15kg
Package included:
1 x Copper coin pendant

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